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Agreement to Terms and Conditions of Agreement

Information Provided Electronically

In order to use the Services, you must consent electronically to receive and accept the terms and conditions of this Services Agreement presented [above], and any amendments to it. You may withdraw your consent to having this information provided to you electronically by going to and deleting yourself as a registered user.

Required Equipment

In order to use the service and to view and retain a copy of the terms and conditions contained in the User Agreement, you must have a computer equipped with at least: a supported browser with 128-bit encryption; and either a printer or a disk drive or other storage device. You can also obtain a copy of the User Agreement by calling 1-212-201-7400.

Consent by Customer and Agreement to Terms and Conditions

By Clicking "I Agree" below, you acknowledge and agree:
  • (1) You have software and equipment that satisfies the above requirements.
  • (2) To receive electronically information about the Services, including the Services Agreement and any subsequent amendments to them.
  • (3) You have obtained, read and understand an electronic copy of the Services Agreement and agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions contained therein.

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